Range3D incorporates every feature needed to yield results, compared with stretching unaided or using low-tech equipment.

Factor Unaided or low-tech stretching Range3D
Exercise position Often uncomfortable Comfortable and relaxed
Body Insufficiently stabilised Fully supported and stable
Performance of exercise Can be incorrect/ineffective Stretch is correctly applied
Range of motion feedback None Accurately measured
Safety Risk of doing harm Secure, controlled movement from neutral
Group conditioning and monitoring Routine usually random and subjective Standardised, reproducible, measurable regimen
Rehabilitation Not always appropriate Very suitable
Academic use Too much variation Also functions as research instrument


Weight: 100kg (220lb)
Material: mainly steel
Dimensions as delivered (not including shipping container): 1.9m (6ft 3in) long x 0.83m (2ft 9in) wide x 0.98m (3ft 3in) high
Minimal assembly necessary
Requires mains voltage AC power source
User height range: 1.50m (4ft 11in) – 2.01m (6ft 7in)
Maximum user weight: 150kg (330lb)
Space needed for use: 2.34m (7ft 8in) long x 2.14m (7ft) wide x 1.86m (6ft 1in) high
Range of motion accuracy: 1°
Timed duration of stretch: up to 59min 59s
Maximum range of motion –
Flexion: 150°
Combined flexion and extension: 150°
Abduction: 60°
Adduction: 40°
Medial rotation: 60°
Lateral rotation: 60°